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Some of the things said over the years about COCONUT’s entertainment:

“Thank you so much for your services at my daughter’s birthday party. Everyone really enjoyed it. Feel free to use us as a reference if needed. Best Regards” Justin – birthday dad

“Our guests said you made this the best birthday party they had ever attended!” – Dave – birthday dad

“A quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed your entertainment.  We look forward to next year.”  Jennifer – day care owner

“You made me laugh at my birthday party.  When I grow up I want to be a funny clown like you so I can make kids laugh.”  Carrie Rose – age 8.

“What a delightful time we had with Coconut.  It was fun to surprise the bride and groom, who thought they had planned everything down to the last detail themselves.  And then the clown walked up the driveway to the reception.  The kids loved their balloons and the magic tricks.  Thank you for bringing some unexpected fun to our gathering.” Stephanie – Mother of Groom

And about Santa visit: “We will definitely be contacting you to be our Santa next year!” – Sean – Holiday party host

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