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Coconut The Clown asks: Why not Give Happiness?
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Birthday Roast for Kids at Heart

COCONUT is not just for kids. Grown up have birthdays too!  COCONUT does birthdays from ages 1-101! Why not give happiness to an adult loved one?  It’s a good choice for all “Kids at Heart” with a mini-roast for grown up birthdays.  Before the party, COCONUT gathers information from a relative and then individually stylizes a “G-rated” roast that is suitable for family audiences. Lots of laughter is guaranteed. Great for people turning a certain zero end birthday, someone in assisted living, and more. If you have a party for a loved one coming up in the Denver area, let us know. COCONUT’s grown up shows are tailor made and one of a kind! Be sure to contact COCONUT early to get on his calendar.

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About Coconut The Clown

COCONUT The Clown has been entertaining Colorado families since 1979. From the first day of clown school, he was bitten with the entertainment bug.  Attending multiple conventions, clown college in Wisconsin, clown camp, and winning awards in make up and costume contests have also honed his skills.  Along the way COCONUT earned a masters degree in education (with humor to enhance education as his emphasis) also gave him the background to teach stress reduction workshops. with over 16 years in management at a large Colorado nonprofit organization, he knows what quality presentations include. Not only does COCONUT entertain kids of all ages, COCONUT emphasizes lifelong learning at his appearances. The motto is, “Why not give happiness?”…and each does!

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Denver Birthday Clown

COCONUT is one of Colorado’s busiest clowns.  Parents wanting a quality, family-friendly show for their child’s party will be happy to know that hiring a true, experienced and reliable professional entertainer is only a call or email away.  With trunks full of colorful clown magic tricks, big puppets and more, zany comedy is about to happen.  Kids from the audience are called upon to be helpers if they want, and especially, the birthday child.  Making the birthday child the star of the show, COCONUT gets the audience involved from beginning to end. Laughter, friendly banter and true joy are just some of the side benefits.  Each child gets a set of favors, a coloring sheet and the birthday child gets a special gift. Go with someone who has been entertaining Denver and Colorado families and bringing smiles to faces throughout the years.

Call 303-425-0230  or email info@coconuttheclown today!

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