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Entertainment in 2022

If Covid becomes way less prevalent in Colorado, as more kids and individuals are vaccinated and less are being impacted we hope to start taking bookings for Aug 1, 2022 and later, COCONUT has adapted his Birthday/Wellness and Fun Show for social distancing utilizing a new character, Papione. Outside venues only where adequate yard size is recommended so that kids can be socially distanced. Papione stands at the front with kids behind the little safety cone area he provides. Our intention is that this new arrangement will meet current public heath and safety recommendations at showtime. The show can be conducted if it’s safe for Papione and the host family to have live entertainment.

This program is orchestrated to 30 minutes.

  • Activities engage participants at safe distances.
  • Papione utilizes the show props, not the children.
  • Traditional favorites include zany clown magic, big puppets, music and lots of fun!

Call for any questions you may have. 303.425.0230

Remember our motto of many years – “Why Not Give Happiness?”

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